The CerarMist Difference

It doesn’t matter if you are maintaining a school, hospital, office, retail or commercial space, or any other facility – in addition to regular cleaning protocols, disinfecting is an important part of your maintenance routine. But chemical disinfecting only reduces the spread of germs throughout the facility temporarily.

In order to maintain a sanitized environment for an extended period of time…months in fact, you need proactive prevention to stop recontamination and the spread of mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. You Need CerarMist's Surface Protectants!

CerarMist’s surface protectants incorporate hospital grade, non-toxic, state-of-the-art “green” and EPA approved ingredients to ensure your environment provides proactive protection that lasts for weeks and months!

Here’s what to expect from our professional CerarMist crews:
  • Cleaner and Healthier Spaces
  • Proactive Prevention
  • Happier and Healthier Employees
  • Highly Trained Consistent Crews
  • Reliable Service
CerarMist Family of Surface Protectant Products are proven to be highly successful in the following industries:


Shields plants from destructive diseases and harmful insects


Reduce infection rates without harsh chemicals, odors or surface degradation


Offers long lasting protection on glass, fixtures, wood, floors and textiles


Ultimate home protection against bacteria, mold and mildew for extended time

Public Spaces

Reduce cross-contamination opportunities in publicly shared spaces


Safeguard athletes and fans from unpleasant odors and infection such as MRSA


Shields travelers from illness-causing germs


CerarMist can help you develop an effective and proactive prevention program. We will recommend the best process and products from among the CerarMist family of products suitable for your particular facility and budget.

If you are interested in a quote to protect your facility either proactively, or in response to a specific event, fill out this form and we'll be in touch.

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