Grow Guard™

CerarMist tackles the toughest growing challenges indoors and out without compromising plant health. Operations of all sizes can benefit by protecting their crops with regularly scheduled CerarMist applications.

CerarMist empowers farmers, gardeners and hobby growers to raise the healthiest and most beautiful plants possible without making environmental compromises. Our water-based plant protectants are free of harsh chemicals, have no adverse effects on plants or their surroundings and promote organic integrity.

All-Natural Plant Protectant

  • Non-Toxic Protective Coating
  • Water-Base
  • Chemical-Free
  • Legally Categorized as a Minimum Risk Insecticide and Fungicide
  • Safe for Organic Growing

Grow with Confidence

CerarMist Grow Guard applied regularly creates a breathable, “invisible” coating on plant surfaces. This coating deters pests such as spider mites, aphids and other small, nuisance and chewing insects, in addition to plant diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Leaf Rust and Brown Spot.

CerarMix Grow Guard keeps leaves free of environmental contaminants, enabling foliage to maximize light energy conversion. Plants treated weekly approved no chemical trace in laboratory analysis.

Plants grown with a weekly application of CerarMist Grow Guard are able to meet and exceed quality standards for even the strictest of organic growing practices. Our non-toxic formula leaves no trace of pesticidal residue on the plants it protects, allowing for perfect scores (all zeros) to be achieved on post-harvest chemical analysis.

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