Sales Development

Live Happier by Doing What You Love… Is Just One of Our Perks

Join our Sales Development Team and help business owners…large and small to…“Love the Space They’re In” … it’s one of many rewards you’ll enjoy.

Our sales-development teams are the lifeline of our Company. Whether you’re reviewing existing health and safety protocols for our customer’s facility, offering facility treatment guidance to our customers, or building and maintaining relationships through the sale of our services, you’re helping to deliver our promise of healthy and safe environments for our customers, delivered with care.

Positive & Composed

You keep your cool, no matter the obstacle. Your positivity keeps you on your A-game with ease and composure as you interact with customers
Adept & Proactive

You multi-task, you’re organized and engaged – ready to handle multiple leads, schedule meetings, and planning for eventual sales
Ambitious & Supportive

You’re part of a team and ready to maintain lasting relationships, but love your flexibility and independence as you work to service our customers
Independent & Motivated

You don’t need to be micro-managed. You’re a proactive self-motivated professional who knows how to develop customer relationships to achieve great results.
A supportive team, zero earnings caps, fast-track training, generous incentives, and ample opportunities for recognition are just a few more.

Competitive Compensation

You’ll be rewarded through a combination of commissions, incentives, and residual & perpetual royalties.

Customer-Centric Mentality

We recognize your ability to do right by our customers is what makes them feel secure—so we empower you to do just that

Rewards & Recognition

You’ll find generous incentives for going above and beyond, and ample rewards, bonuses, and more when you do.
CerarMist believes providing valuable services is more than a job…it’s our calling and a profound responsibility.
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