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  • What is Grow Guard?

    Grow Guard, by CerarMist, is a Plant Protectant that is water based, non-toxic, is free of harsh chemicals, has no adverse effects on plants or their surroundings and promotes organic integrity. It empowers growers to tackle the most challenging growing issues, both indoors and outdoors, without compromising plant health and to raise the healthiest and most beautiful plants possible

    Grow Guard coating deters pests such as spider mites, aphids and other small, nuisance and chewing insects, in addition to plant diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Leaf Rust and Brown Spot.

    Grow Guard is legally categorized as a Minimum Risk Insecticide and Fungicide, safe for organic growing and is OMRI listed.

  • My plants already have powdery mildew. Can I still use CerarMist Grow Guard on them?
  • My plants have already been treated with Neem Oil. Can I use CerarMist Grow Guard on top of the Neem Oil?
  • Will CerarMist Grow Guard kill Aphids?
  • Will CerarMist Grow Guard harm beneficial insects?
  • Will CerarMist Grow Guard alter the taste of my fruits and vegetables?
  • When growing indoors, does CerarMist Grow Guard increase susceptibility to Light Burn?
  • My plants look darker green after treating with CerarMist Grow Guard. Is this normal?
  • Can my plants pass a Chemical Lab Analysis if treated weekly with CerarMist Grow Guard, seed through harvest?
  • Can I treat my plants with CerarMist Grow Guard in all growth stages?
  • What type of sprayer should I use with CerarMist Grow Guard?
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